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Zest Tea

Award winning teas designed to take down coffee!

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40 Orders
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Expected Delivery: Early Nov 2015
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Award winning teas designed to take down coffee!

Award-winning high caffeine teas designed for mental clarity and energy. Named Best New Product Award at the 2015 World Tea Expo.

Zest tea is enhanced with a natural tea extract during the blending process to add a little more kick. Specifically, it helps boost the caffeine levels to be on par with coffee, or about 3x that of traditional teas. From there the natural amino acids (L-Theanine to be exact) in the tea come into play and help moderate the energy boost. The result is a more prolonged and steady alertness.


25 mg/Cup

50 mg /Cup

100-150 mg /Cup

135 mg /Cup

155 mg /Cup



The combination of the caffeine and L-Theanine (a rare amino acid) in Zest Tea has a synergistic effect that prolongs the energy levels and creates a more steady alertness. A side effect of the energy moderation is a reduction in the "jitters" and "crash" that typically accompanies caffeinated beverages.


Billy Schrero Testimonial

"Tastes great and good energy. Have literally stopped drinking coffee since getting my first batch of zest tea!!"

Billy Schrero

Daniel Rodic Testimonial

"Perks me up 10x better than coffee, amazing!"

Daniel Rodic

Nick Loadholtes Testimonial

"I know the selling point of Zest Teas are the caffeine, but honestly the flavor is what keeps me coming back. I have never had such a flavorful tea that was not overpowering. This stuff is awesome."

Nick Loadholtes

Daniel Becker Testimonial

"I love coffee but from having my first cup of Zest Tea all I can say is WOW."

Daniel Becker

Zest Tea does not ship to Singapore.. So we're GroupHunting it!

Rules of the hunt: We will be bringing in packets with 20 sachets per pack. The tins below are for illustration purposes only, and only contain 16 sachets per tin and are also bulkier thus harder to ship (and more costly).

This hunt requires a minimum order of 40 packets. If we manage to hit more than 80 packets, we will be able to split shipping costs further, unlocking a better price for everyone. So help share this page with your friends!

For this hunt you may select your choice from 4 flavours.

1. Blue Lady Black

Our Blue Lady Black blends a sultry South Indian black tea base with an aromatic mix of orange, lemon, passion fruit, and hibiscus. A peppering of vivid blue cornflower petals and bits of orange peel make for a visual spectacle. Blue lady will excite all of your senses. No wonder this is a favorite among hot and chilled tea drinkers.

Ingredients: South Indian Flower Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Natural Caffeine (from tea), Hibiscus Flowers, Orange Peel, Cornflower Petals, Lemon, Orange, and Passion Fruit Flavor


At Zest, we start every morning with a Mojito. This aromatic blend of young hyson green tea, peppermint, lime, and pomegranate will bring back memories of lounging on a beach. Our Pomegranate Mojito Green Tea is an amazingly refreshing blend, great for any time of day.

Ingredients: Young Hyson Chinese Green Tea, Natural
Caffeine (from tea), Peppermint, Pomegranate and Lime Flavor

3. Earl Grey Black

Earl grey has been a popular blend since it was introduced to the British Earl, Charles “Chaz” Grey, in the 1830’s. Most Earl Greys are made with low-quality base teas, but not ours. Zest’s Earl is made with premium Nilgiri Indian black tea blended with a delicious bergamot essential oil. Don’t thank us. Thank Chaz.

Ingredients: South Indian Flower Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Natural Caffeine (from tea), Bergamot Flavor

4. Apple Cinnamon Black

We looked to American icons when creating this blend and what’s more American than Apple Pie? Unfortunately, football and the Grand Canyon didn’t make for great teas. This blend of premium Orange Pekoe black tea smothered in real bits of apple and cinnamon is a nod to your grandmother’s 4th of July specialty.

Ingredients: South Indian Flower Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Natural Caffeine (from tea), Cinnamon Chips, Apple Pieces, Cinnamon Flavor, Apple Flavor

Admin & Shipping Info

  • This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore. For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at hello@grouphunt.sgbefore ordering.
  • After each hunt ends, we'll update everyone via email. No returns are available.
  • Product ships in 1-2 weeks after the campaign ends directly from Zest Tea, domestic redistribution handled by GroupHunt.
  • Expected ship date: Early Nov 2015
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