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Roidmi 2s: Seamlessly stream music to any car!

Your ultimate bluetooth music player and smart car charger

Suggested by Benedict Ng

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Original MSRP: $88.69
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Benedict Ng 5 months ago

Indiegogo campaign link here:


  1. Bluetooth music player - allows streaming of music while driving
  2. Fast charging - up to 2 devices, twice as fast
  3. Hands-free calling
  4. Navigation broadcast
  5. Adjustable LED-illuminated USB ports
  6. Car battery voltage monitor

MSRP: 65 USD excluding shipping

Indiegogo price: 29 USD excluding shipping

10x chargers: 24.90 USD per unit + free shipping

150x chargers: 22 USD per unit + free shipping

Campaign's ending in 15 days!

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