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The Ultimate Modular Everyday Backpack that changes to suit your needs!

  • Adaptable for the avid traveller, photographer, office warrior, student, this bag has something and everything for anyone!
  • Outstanding build quality and materials ensure that this bag is the one you'll bring with you anywhere without fear.
  • Thoughtful compartmentalisation and slots ensure that you keep your life and gear in order when on the move. 
  • Weatherproof so you can be sure that flash showers aren't going to leave your work and gear ruined!

Don't trust what we say?  Check out what Bo Ismono from Carryology has to say about this bag in his review of a pre-production model!

About this project

The Prima System's adaptable storage and dynamic features make life more comfortable by providing a simple carry solution for daily use and traveling.

The Prima Pack, Verge Case and Fieldspace provides unbeatable organization and adapts for unplanned stowage. Unique magnetic trims, YKK Stormguard® zippers and high performance fabrics let you store and access gear effortlessly while providing peace of mind. 




The Prima System expands from 25 liters to 30 liters while the Verge case provides an additional 10 liters of storage - the perfect pack for daily use or extended weekend travels.





Boundary's Team understand that every step in the manufacturing process and facet of business has an environmental and human impact, so we pride ourselves as a brand that uses the bluesign® system throughout our supply chain to ensure fair labor practices, safe working conditions and sustainable fabric production. 



While designing the Prima System we thought about all the situations you go through daily and designed innovative feature to change the way gear is stored and accessed.

Magnetic buckles, YKK Stormguard® zippers, and water-resistant fabrics decrease access and stowage time while providing peace of mind.



Commuter friendly features make it the perfect pack for living a seamless lifestyle. 

 The Magnetic Key Chain is perfect for metrocards, bike keys, and other essentials.



The Prima Systems's interior fabrics use low impact durable coatings, brushed silicone and PU backings for unbeatable protection for easy cleaning. #10 YKK Stormguard®  center zip provides a "duffle bag like" intimate view and access to gear.

Interior stretch mesh pockets keep small items from bouncing around inside the pack and within reach. The interior fabrics are spun, woven, and treated to support a lifestyle that requires fabrics to kill odor, stays clean by repelling stains and dust.


A water resistant compartment holds a 15” laptop, and our innovative Fieldspace. Is easily accessible when on the move or sitting in a coffee shop. Has a padded interior with our signature NYWOOL®  keeps electronics protected. 

The magnetic dock secures the Fieldspace keeping it in the center of your back - secure, comfortable, and effortlessly organized.




The PRIMA’s innovative LFT® Harness is breathable, wicks sweat, anti-microbial and extremely comfortable for daily commuting or week long adventures.

 The LFT®Harness fashion driven performance regulates back temperature, wicks sweat, and evenly distributes pack load to comfortably fits women and men of all sizes.

Magneticsternum strap allows you to effortlessly secure the harness to your body while walking or biking.



The Verge allows you to securely store camera equipment in the main compartment and converts to a shoulder bag so you can take your essentials with you. It stows 5 liters and can adapt to hold 10 liters by unzipping a YKK zipper at the base of the bag.

Unique features and pocketing keep camera gear organized and easily accessible.   

Padded sidewalls, flexible dividers and a base-zip triples the Verges capacity to simultaneously store travel gear and camera equipment. The Verge is the perfect shoulder bag for a hike or city detour.

When traveling it gives you the option to leave your pack behind and get lost. Remove the Prima Pack's waist belt and attach it to the verge so you can travel with less bulk when out on the town or going for a hike.





Fashion driven performance adapts the look of the Fieldspace to professional settings and brilliant organization keeps you focused while on the go. Elastic pockets and Hypalon dividers store any tool or charger helping you stay effortlessly organized while on the move. 


A Magnetic Dock secures the Fieldspace inside the stormproof electronic compartment in the center of the LFT harness -  unbeatable comfort. 





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