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Boring urban commute? Cut your walking time in half and have fun doing so. The stylish design of Elos weighs no more than a laptop and can easily fit into your backpack. The racecar inspired iconic design is super stable to learrn and can turn on a dime. 

  • Think the longboard cruising experience that fits into your backpack
  • Patended Designed in California, made with top grade USA hardrock maple 
  • Long lasting design with metal bumpers 
  • Perfect for running errands
  • Stable and easy to learn
Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • meltee
    Hello.. Just a question.. If the wheels were to wear out, will we be able to change the wheel only? is it readily available in singapore? Cos most of our roads are rough surface, i assume it will wear out earlier.. Thank You
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    Leo Wang
    Hey meltee, I'm Leo from Elos Skateboards! Thanks for mentioning that, about maintenance we've already prepared the video on our youtube channel, you could just take a look of hope you like Elos, and also join our community on FB:
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  • Jane
    Hello everyone, we're really excited to say that we're currently in talks with distributor =D
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  • Hope this will get enough interest checks and to live soon! Really excited for the opportunity to purchase it!
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    We're in negotiations now! Hopefully everything works out :D
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    thank u for the update!
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  • Inspired by race cars and adapted from principles of leverage, Elos is the only design which can provide stability even in high speed AND can handle sharp turns easily Elos is a one of the kind skateboard. The patent-pending deck design provides a solid a
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