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It feels good to say no to a plastic bag

Because of it's tiny size, we carry our Pokeats around with us all the time. It's a great feeling when presented with a plastic bag in a shop or farmers market to say 'no thanks, put it in my Pokeat instead'. Every little helps.

All pledges consist of a set of a Pokeat and utensils


What is the Pokeat? A lunchbox without the bulk. But it's more than just a lunch box. It's an everyday pocket bag that you keep with you and can use for any kind of food, wet or dry. 

It's great for prepacked lunches, dressed up salads, for carrying fruit from the fruit stall instead of in a plastic bag. Keep your donuts and pastries in it from the bakery or that bagel with extra stuffing from your local sandwich shop. You can even use it to carry hot takeaway foods it's that versatile. 

Less plastic bags means it's better for the environment too. 

No plastic bags here.

And the best part? When finished you can give it a wipe or a rinse if it needs cleaning or just roll it up, pop it in your bag/ pocket and go. It takes up zero space in your bag. Try that with a Tupperware lunch box.

Great for Kids too !

Pokeat is not just for adults. Kids love Pokeat too. No more heavy bulky lunch boxes for them to lug home every day. Kid's just roll up their Pokeat, pop it in their jacket pocket and go. 

It also makes great kids snack bags for long journeys too.



Eat healthier, more balanced, delicious foods at lunchtime with a Pokeat. 

Save money on takeaways and eatouts that can cost up to 3x more than home prepared food. Use a Pokeat for lunch two times a week and it will have paid for itself from the savings you make on takeaways.

Greener than plastic bags and it's reusable again and again. Use a Pokeat instead of plastic bags and Styrofoam lunch boxes. It's better for the environment and our oceans.



  • Zero bulk lunch box
  • Always handy and convenient  
  • Versatile
  • Packs big
  • Leak proof food safe inner lining
  • Holds any kind of food
  • Microwave pouch for when you want hot foods
  • Lightweight
  • Chopsticks and spoon included
  • Clips on anything  
  • Easy to clean
  • and more

The zero bulk lunch box

Unlike bulky Tupperware or lunch boxes, the Pokeat rolls up so small you can even keep it in your pocket.

Always handy & convenient

Because of its size you can keep a Pokeat with you in your pocket, handbag or backpack for when ever you need it.  Getting a takeaway? Take it away in a Pokeat instead.



Use it any way you want. It's great for:

  • kids school lunches
  • office breakfast
  • packed lunches
  • a takeaway lunch bag
  • a snack bag for the kids in the car or on a plane
  • a clip-on food and water pack for hiking 
  • an air tight bag for donuts and pastries
  • a dog treat bag when walking the dog

Packs big

With a 3 Liter capacity it is surprisingly big for its small size. You will be amazed at how much the Pokeat can hold.

Special inner lining

The secret behind the Pokeat's versatility as a lunch box is its inner lining. 

Made from 100% food grade BPA free thermoplastic rubber TPU - similar to silicone rubber - its unique properties means the Pokeat is waterproof, leak proof, oil-resistant, food safe, toxin-free, easy to clean and can hold cold or hot food up to a temperature of 120 degrees C.


Holds any kind of food

The Pokeat isn't just for sandwiches. It's great with hot, cold, wet or dry food. 

Use it for muesli and milk for breakfast in the office. A quick rinse and you can use it to takeaway lunch. Prep it with a healthy salad or use the special silicone microwaveable pouch for spaghetti or soup for example and have a hot meal for lunch. 

If you can eat it you can Pokeat it.





Microwaveable Pouch

If you want hot food and have access to a microwave you can use our silicone microwave pouch that fit inside your Pokeat. (You can add this on after our Kickstarter campaign has finished for only US$9.00). 

Simply heat in a microwave and pour the hot contents into your Pokeat and enjoy.


Ultra lightweight

Lighter than an egg. Now that's light.


Leak proof

The Pokeat is water proof and leak proof so your lunch ends up in you rather than all over your stuff.


Easy to clean

Pull out the waterproof inner and wipe clean after use or rinse under the tap ready for your next meal. It's that easy.



Dishwasher safe

Pop it in the dishwasher for an all clean once over.



The Pokeat is adjustable so you can make it as big or small as you want. 


Utensils included 

The Pokeat comes with a spoon and chopsticks included in a bottom pocket.



 Clips-on to anything



Easy carry handle

The top buckle clip doubles as a handle.


Long lasting

Made from durable materials the Pokeat should last and last with proper use.


The initial colour of the Pokeat will be dark blue. If you can help us reach our stretch goals you will be able to choose from a range of colours and designs.


The inner lining is made from 100% food grade BPA free thermoplastic rubber TPU - similar to silicone rubber - that is waterproof, oil-resistant, toxin-free, easy to clean and can hold up food to 120 degrees C.

The outer lining is made from a polyester fabric that is used in microwaveable fabric products. It is toxin-free, easy to clean and is fast drying.


  • Material inner layer is made from 100% food-safe + toxin-free TPU 
  • The outer layer material is toxin-free polyester
  • It is lighter than a wallet - only 40 grams 
  • Open size is 15 cm 15 cm 27 cm 
  • All fabrics inside and out are heat-resistant to 120 degrees C
  • It folds out to a large capacity of 3 Liters
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