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Get 6 bottles at an even discounted price and get a free tote bag! :) 

Choose from either 6 bottles of the same MEAD or our 6 pack starter pack, which will include two London Mead, one Hopped Mead, one Citra Sea Mead, one Hibiscus Mead and one Gooseberry & Tea Mead. 

Limited Editon CNY Mead Set $28.88

DIY mead that is based on London mead and can be served warm. Inspired by 'tongshui' drunk during Lunar New Year. It comes in a red box with a instruction card and the caramelised pineapple ginger syrup and a pack of dried longans, dates, goji berries and spices.

Alcohol or desert after reunion dinner? Why not mead (meet) in the middle?

Serve it with Tang Yuan this reunion dinner for sweeter beginnings ;)

Each set comes with 2 bottles of London Mead, a  bottle of syrup and a pack of spices. 

What is Mead?

Mead is alcohol fermented from honey. 

There is a good chance that mead is humankind's oldest form of alcohol as it doesn't require any domestication of crops or extraction of sugars from grains or fruits. If you dilute honey with water and leave it lying around, wild yeasts will ferment this mix. It might not taste great, but it will be mead.

Because of this simplicity, mead's history stretches from the modern day back over 8000 years: from East Africa to Europe and the Far East. 

In Britain and Northern Europe mead features heavily in works of Old English and was popular amongst Norse Gods and heroes. However across the continent mead began to fade in popularity from the 16th century onwards due to a number of factors.

London Mead is our classic mead, born out of Tom's desire to modernise and re-popularise this great part of British brewing heritage. Light, crisp and refreshing with slight fizz, and delicate floral and citrus notes. London Mead is a delicious and unique drink that places our honey blend front and centre stage.

330ml, 5.5% ABV

Gosnells Hopped Mead

Hopped Mead was the second addition to Gosnells year-round offering and is inspired by time working with friends at local breweries. Gosnells Hopped Mead pairs the citrus notes of our signature mead with a blend of floral aroma hops to create a bold new mead.

330ml, 5.5% ABV

Gosnells Citra Sea Mead

Originally a limited edition brew, Citra Sea Mead is the third addition to our core range of meads available year round. This is a rich blend of honeys fermented with lemon peel, tarragon and a Citra led hop blend. As a final touch before bottling, it is blended with sea water, yielding a tantalising, salty sweet flavour.

 330ml, 5.5% ABV

Gosnells Hibiscus Mead 

A seasonal mead perfect for an Indian summer. Whole hibiscus flowers are infused with a rich blend of blossom honeys to create a mead with a distinctive lusciously pink hue. Delicious and crisp with juicy floral and fruity topnotes that transition seamlessly through to the sweetness of the honey and ending with a tart finish.

 330ml, 5.5% ABV

Gosnells Gooseberry & Tea Mead 


Our latest seasonal mead. Inspired by a Lichtenhainer, an ancient German style of beer that was until recently all but forgotten. This is a tart, savoury and complex mead with a refreshing character and a gentle hint of smokiness. Made from gooseberries and a smoked oolong tea, it has a mouth puckering, slightly dry finish that lingers. A great food mead as it’s acidity acts as a counter-balance to fat and sweetness whilst being able to stand up to robust flavours. Best paired with grilled or smoked meats, apple pie or an over-ripe washed rind cheese.

 330ml, 5.5% ABV

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