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Enjoy premium sound quality and stay connected.

Music Streaming

Stream music and content from your devices without wires.

Smart Assistant Ready

Quickly access Siri or Google Now for music, calls, and more.

Video with Synced Audio

Here One uses NFMI technology to make lagging wireless audio a thing of the past.

Phone Calls

Take and answer phone calls with intuitive Touch Controls.


Transform the sounds around you with Real-World Sound Control.

Real-World Volume

Tune up or down the volume of the world around you with a swipe.

Smart Noise Filters

Selectively tune into sounds you want to hear and reduce the sounds you don’t.

Speech Amplification

Focus in on those around you in loud, busy environments.

Live Mix

Mix live music by adjusting the EQ and adding effects like bass and reverb, all in real-time.


Here One learns your preferences and optimizes the way you hear.

Personal Listening Profile

Your personal Listening Profile optimizes real-world sound for your ears.

Smart Suggest

The machine learning engine uses your location, past use, and personal preferences to provide suggestions.

Regular Updates

App and firmware updates mean Here One gets smarter by the minute.

  • Lightweight, secure,
    and comfortable fit
  •  Hours of streaming 
    with every charge
  •  Extra charges with 
    portable charging case
  •  Seamless pairing using 
    Bluetooth & NFMI

Tech Specs

  Here Buds Portable Charging Case
Weight 6g per Here Bud 51g without Here Buds
Dimension 18.9mm x 20.8mm x 20mm 98mm x 36mm x 29.3mm
Battery 60mAh 560mAh
Playtime Up to 2 hours Up to 3 additional charges
Charge Time 1 hour 100% 2.5 hours to 100%
Micro-USB for case charging
LEDs indicate charge of case and Here Buds
& Microphones
Full-range balanced armature high-fidelity speakers
@ 20Hz-18kHz
Up to 6 dB of volume amplification
Dual microphone noise elimination technology,
including original Doppler technology
Compatibility App: iPhone 5 and above (with iOS 9.0 or later; iOS 10.0 or above recommended)
Android phones running Android 5.0 or later
Streaming: Most Bluetooth-enabled devices
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  • bbyltheoriginal

    Best sound quality on truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Great hardware desugn as well as a robust sound manipulation technology!

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    Super cool hunt bbyltheoriginal! Have you tried these before, or perhaps the earlier version of the Here Actives by Doppler Labs? ( Any idea how they're different? =)

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    Hey @joelleong! I did a quick check on both the websites of the Here Actives and the Hear One Earbuds and according to their videos it seems that the Hear One is an evolution of the earlier Hear Actives. The original function of the Hear Actives were only directed towards altering how we hear or perceive the sound around us. It did this by offering Active Noise Cancelling and Volume functions to either reduce or increase the volume of noise around us. It also included filters to filter out certain noises (which is basically like ANC too) and also allowed the individual to EQ the sounds around him. For example, if the individual was at a concert where he felt the bass was too overwhelming, he could lower the bass frequencies via a mobile app and the Hear Actives would respond by cancelling out and reducing the bass frequencies fed into the users ears. After the success if the Here Actives, Doppler Labs then decided to take this technology a step further by including functions that allowed playback of sound from a mobile source like a smartphone. So instead of just using these functions on surrounding noise, the Hear One earbuds now retain the functions of the Here Actives but also gain playback functionality for music and calls like most conventional earbuds have. I see this as a huge bonus as the Here Ones are technically truly wireless earbuds that play music and also provides control over the noise that surrounds us. If we wanted to block out the world with ANC and enjoy our music in silence, we could do so with ANC. If we wanted to allow in some of the background noise and enjoy our music amidst the hustle and bustle of the morning crowd, we could too. In addition to all that, if you wanted to be the DJ of your own music and put your own style on your tunes through applying the EQ function you could too! There really is something for everyone :) I personally, haven't heard either the Here Actives or the Here One earbuds but according to Digital Trends that reviewed it, it was observed to have a pretty balanced sound signature which is a great base for adding EQ afterwards. Certainly sounds like a pretty cool piece of tech to have for my daily commute to work!

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    Hey @Caleb thanks for the insightful review - lol I was honestly just too lazy to google it myself or to parse through the data (embarrassing, I know), but your condensed version is stellar. Thanks again! I had no idea that the Here Actives were only made for controlling atmospheric sound and had no input (still love the festival bass concept tho). I think the Here One now sounds like one of the most versatile truly wireless earbuds (is TWE a thing?) out in the market. Even Bose seems to be catching on heh ;) :

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