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Watching him take a break from destroying yet another opponent, we wondered... How come the role-model of clean sportsmanship drinks his water from a cheap plastic bottle?

All athletes, from amateur to professional, know the benefits of a squeezable bottle. It allows for one-handed, fast and precise drinking. Keeping distraction to a minimum and yourself in full focus.

However, up until now all squeezable bottles were made of plastic. Which comes with a lot of disadvantages: Potential health risks, a throw-away mentality and most of all BAD TASTE. Roger knows what we’re talking about. Stale and flat water, contaminated by plasticisers and softeners.

When even the greatest among us have to sacrifice purity and fresh taste for mere functionality, something needs to be changed. After all, next to our willpower, water is the main thing that keeps our body going.


 As the first of it’s kind, KEEGO fuses all the benefits of a light and squeezable plastic bottle with the clean taste and endurance of a metal one. Allowing you to fully focus on your performance with a precise water stream and good flow-rate. While keeping your water pure and healthy.


You’ve got high-tech shoes, shirt and a high-tech bike. Why not a high-tech bottle?






We are striving for excellence to create the perfect bottle for every athlete. Not only does KEEGO fit the bottle cage of every bicycle – thanks to its ergonomic shape, light weight and ideal flow-rate, it is a perfect fit for any athlete, who knows the true value of full focus.











How can titanium be elastic? The secret behind KEEGO’s functionality lies within the ground-breaking production process, which allows us to add an elastic core to a titanium bottle. The key is to accurately control the fusion process in order to modulate the elasticity according to the amount of stress in different parts of the squeeze bottle. By the way: The Danish company mastering this process is renowned for producing accelerator parts for CERN and other accelerators around the world.



Every evolution is a story of trial and error. It took us some time to find the right technology and a fitting design for our bottle – more or less two years of intense research and testing. In this time our prototypes have come a long way. See for yourself...





  • Lukas Angst - Pacemaker
  • Robert Vierlinger - Product Design
  • René Bang Madsen - Material Development
  • Florence Forbach - Product and Brand Design
  • Hieronymus Kloss - Concept and Text
  • Eva Kamper-Grachegg - Marketing
  • Christina Eckerstorfer - Content and Social Media
  • Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach - Crowdfunding Consultant
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