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NOLOSS is an anti-loss, patent-pending wallet that brings you convenience and at the same time keeps your wallet safe. NOLOSS covers every basic thing a wallet has, but we add a little more. There’s a easy-sliding compartment for your banknotes, a zipper pocket for your coins, USB sticks, SIM card and ejector tool, a designated compartment for your cell phone, and a smart tracker to keep your wallet from loss.

Rule number one after you buy a new wallet is never get it lost. But we all have that experience: get it stolen by strangers or we just drop it somewhere. 

That’s where the idea of NOLOSS begins. We want to make sure your wallet is safe and you will never get it lost again. And of course, we want to make your wallet functional yet still look classy. Here’s the magic:

There’s a revolutionary easy-sliding banknote compartment which helps you put your foreign notes in good order. 


 Every NOLOSS wallet secretly carries a smart tracker in it. Download the safety app and connect your wallet with your phone. When disconnected, the phone will track the wallet's location by Bluetooth/GPS and send out instant sound alarm. Both iOS & Android supported.


Not only coins and USB sticks, you can put literally EVERYTHING inside the pocket. We have also designed two little pockets for your SIM card and steel ejector tool. I mean it, everything.



There’s a designated cell phone compartment for you to put your phone inside. Grab only your wallet and you won’t miss a thing.


NOLOSS will be delivered before Christmas so you could gift it to your loved ones just in time. And no matter where you are, free shipping is surely guaranteed ;)




NOLOSS wallet is available in the following three colors: stylish black, vintage brown and gentle beige.




NOLOSS combines creativity and functionality. We have tested over hundreds of materials and designs to ensure the delivery of the best user experience. Here are the details:

  • Dimensions: 15 H x 96 W x 192 L mm (0.59" H x 3.78" W x 7.56" L)
  • Weight: 114g (0.25 lbs)
  • Capacity: 
  • Banknote compartment: 2 layers/15 banknotes each
  • Card slots: 5 slots/12 cards maximum
  • Zipper pocket: 25-35 coins/keys/USB sticks
  • Phone compartment: iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus/30 bills/any combination
  • SIM slots: 1 Micro SIM/1 Nano SIM
  • Ejector slot: 1 stainless steel ejector (provided)
  • Smart tracker slot: 1 smart tracker (provided)
  • Material: Genuine Italian cowhide leather, top-grain - 1.0mm thick
  • Lining: 230 Denier water repellent coated nylon - 0.25mm thick
  • Zipper: No.3 metal zipper, YKK Japan (nickel free)
  • Button: PRYM Italian-made snap button, 9mm (nickel free)
  • Edge paint: Provided by Maxedge, Giardini Italy, hand-painted (6 times processing)
Easy-sliding banknote compartment
Easy-sliding banknote compartment


Stainless Steel Ejector
Stainless Steel Ejector


Smart Tracker Slot (Stash)
Smart Tracker Slot (Stash)


Premium Italian Cowhide Leather (3 color ways)
Premium Italian Cowhide Leather (3 color ways)


Nickel free metal zipper, YKK Japan
Nickel free metal zipper, YKK Japan


PRYM Italian-made Snap Button
PRYM Italian-made Snap Button












NOLOSS wallet is made of natural cowhide leather. It's a natural material from wild animals and every piece of it is one of a kind. Changes in color or texture of the leather and signs of wear are normal. Small color irregularities in each wallet should not be considered a fault but inherent of the natural qualities of the material.

NOLOSS wallet covers a 3-year warranty, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by normal wear and tear, or any other unreasonable use or neglect.

Warranty claims can be dealt with UGL Workshop directly via email at

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