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In honour of the fantastically vibrant green "coffea" plant, an exclusive reward for our backers!





In a word, pressure. Coffee machines force water through fresh grounds to maximise extraction. Túbereka forces air through vacuum holes, creating pressure inside, which boosts extraction.

Not only does this brew better coffee, it brews quicker coffee. You can filter the grounds in as little as 90 seconds!

Three pods fit in the base of Túbereka. They provide you with the space to store your favourite beans or grounds. Even better if you drink different styles of coffee throughout the day!




Add your grounds and water at the same time and filter in as little as 90 seconds. 

For coffee on the move, use our patent pending 'vacuum release' system - add your coffee, replace the plunger and top up with hot water.

You no longer have to wait until your coffee is brewed before starting your journey. The filter and internal pressure prevents the coffee and water from mixing, which restricts extraction. When you're ready for your coffee, raise the plunger to start the brewing process.

Add your ingredients at home

 Brew when convenient

  Watch what happens.... 



Add hot water, replace the plunger, screw shut and start your journey. When you're ready for coffee, remove a pod and take out the plunger. Tip the contents in (via a grind if storing beans), replace the plunger and filter in as little as 90 seconds.



Túbereka is very well insulated. Whenever you decide to brew your coffee, the temperature and pressure combine to create amazing extraction. Whatever the temperature at the time of brewing, the pressure boosts the brew to optimum extraction .




A well designed, engineered 'one-piece' filter. Absolutely no mesh, the cause of trapped grounds on traditional filters. A simple rinse of the filter and seal ensures Túbereka is ready for use again.

For a deep clean, the filter is fully detachable. This also allows you to remove the plunger seal. This type of clean is not necessary after each use, but accommodates the removal of residual coffee oils that build up over time.



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