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Say hello to Soulitude - the greatest noise reduction sleep mask ever created.

Refreshingly simple. Indescribably comfortable. Impressively stylish. And best of all, our 100% blackout sleep mask and its industrial grade sound-reduction earmuffs will let you enjoy a moment of stillness, wherever you may be.


Enjoy the many functions of Soulitude.
Enjoy the many functions of Soulitude.



Have you ever been in the mood for a nice little nap, but have sadly been found yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time? 

We have. And we (literally!) got tired of it. So we decided to create a solution. 

From now on, nothing should stand between you and your right to rest in peace! Enjoy some rare quiet time no matter where you are or what time it is.


Perfect for any situation!

On a train with the sun shining bright through the window and an annoying neighbor talking on their phone. On a noisy airplane where the person next to you doesn't seem to plan on turning off the reading light any time soon? At home next to your partner who's not at all tired and intends to Netflix for many hours to come?

Rest assured that Soulitude has got you covered.



Your ideal traveling companion. And more. 

Welcome on board. Find your seat. Please fasten your Soulitude. Relax. Have a well-needed, undisturbed nap. Feel like jamming out to your music in peace? Need a quick meditation session? Soulitude turns your normal earbuds into noise-canceling headphones in a second. In the mood for reading, watching a movie, or getting some work done? Simply fold up the sleep mask and keep on enjoying Soulitude's premium sound-reduction capabilities. 

Arrive well rested.


"Why choose Soulitude over existing solutions?" Well no one has actually asked us that yet. But just in case someone does in the future, we've conducted a significant amount of research and discovered that the answer is quite obvious...

Because it's better.


"Why did we not order two?"

 Will Soulitude increase your well-being?

This chapter could have been very, very long. Perhaps we could have hired some type of doctor or researcher talking about the many benefits of a power nap specifically or the benefits of relaxation in general. Perhaps we should have quoted recent research showing that light pollution may be disrupting how your body functions or how sound impacts your sleep cycle. We could have gone through numerous arguments why using the Soulitude could help you to cure headaches, increase your energy levels and lower your stress levels.

We choose to instead keep it short. If activities such as a comfortable nap or enjoying a sweet moment of relaxation is something that you like to do then:

YES, Soulitude will indeed increase your well-being*

*=Research shows that doing things that you like increases your well-being.

Work hard. Nap harder.
Work hard. Nap harder.


We created the Soulitude with you in mind. We chose materials with the highest comfort and durability and designed it to be as slim and portable as possible, without sacrificing either comfort, style or function.

Block out disturbing light? Annoying sounds?...Or both?

Soulitude is carefully designed to be suitable for any situation at any time, anywhere. Time for a nap? Put on your Soulitude and shut out both annoying sounds and disturbing light. Watching a movie on the plane? Fold up the sleep mask and enjoy Soulitude's sound-reduction capabilities. A full night beauty sleep in a quiet place? Simply detach the earmuffs and enjoy 100% blackout. On-the-go? Fold your lightweight Soulitude and put it in its stylish carrying bag.

Bring it on-the-go. With style.
Bring it on-the-go. With style.



zZzZo comfortable!
zZzZo comfortable!


Only the best is good enough for Soulitude.
Only the best is good enough for Soulitude.

 The Sleep mask

Light can be a pretty cool thing. But when you intend to rest your eyes, it tends to be really annoying. What’s even more annoying is buying a sleep mask in order to block out that annoying light only to find out that the sleep mask does not in fact block out all of the light. Unfortunately, most of the sleep masks on the market today don’t.

After extensive research and testing we’re confident to say that we’ve managed to develop a sleep mask that will completely accomplish its job - 100% blackout - no light leakage. Just as sleep masks once were intended to be - but ours is amazingly comfortable thanks to its premium Memory foam and soft, breathable cotton. Because of the innovative Memory foam walls, there’s no pressure on your eyelids while wearing your Soulitude. This not only ensures your comfort, but allows your eyes the freedom to move ensuring that REM sleep cycle can occur.

Goodbye light leakage.
Goodbye light leakage.

The Earmuff

The actual functionality of ordinary hearing protection earmuffs is great. While they’re the ultimate choice for activities such as working at a construction site, going hunting or mowing the lawn, they’re not as great when it’s time for a nap or a relaxing moment.

Based on the same sound reduction technology as you’ll find in industrial grade hearing protection- we’ve re-designed and improved the earmuff. Super comfortable, less bulky and way more stylish. Without taking away its main functionality: reducing disturbing noises.

What's that? I can't hear you.
What's that? I can't hear you.

You can read more about NRR here. Most industrial grade earmuffs are in the NRR range 20-30dB. Please note that Soulitude's 26dB is based on a prototype estimation. What's not an estimation is that using your Soulitude when home, on a plane, on a train or in a car will be absolutely amazing.

Specially designed to give your earbuds noise canceling capabilities.
Specially designed to give your earbuds noise canceling capabilities.


Team Soulitude (Sofia, Sebastian and Linda) is a part of the ODD Inventions network- an innovation agency from Sweden consisting of a group of skillful creators (and friends). We're very passionate about testing new ideas and creating high quality products that will help you to live the best life possible. 

We, supported by the rest of the ODD network, are very excited to get the Soulitude out to you and help you to upgrade your napping and relaxation experience. You're welcome!


Woof! I wish there were a Soulitude for dogs! Woof!
Woof! I wish there were a Soulitude for dogs! Woof!

Do you know anyone else who could benefit from our better way to nap? Help them out and share the campaign with them!

Thank you so much for your kind support! <3



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