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Each order comes with 1 x Tripod, 1x Bluetooth Remote Shutter, 1x Tripod Go Pro Tripod Mount Adapter, 1x Remote Charging Cable, 1 x Slippery Terrain Kit 

Ultra-portable and multifunctional tripod for smartphones, DSLR cameras and GoPro, perfect for travel and daily usage. Its unique design, compact size, and portability set Vixari apart from the pack, making it the ultimate companion for taking perfect photos, anytime and anywhere. 






Fits easily in your backpack.
Fits easily in your backpack.








Range up to 98ft / 30m
Range up to 98ft / 30m



  • Leading tripods on the market are often heavy, difficult to use, bulky, and inconvenient to carry.
  • Vixari Tripod is sleek, light, and portable so that you never miss a great photo opportunity.
  • Most tripod products on the market cater to one specific product or brand of camera.
  • Vixari Tripod supports all these products, switching between devices without any hesitation, decreases demands on your storage space, in addition to eliminating the hassle of decision making when a great photo awaits.
















  • We've tried for months to find the best product version and we didn't stop until everything was looking great. Then we started all over again to make it even better.





*We are happy to announce that after the poll on our social media group, Dark Blue will be our third color for the Vixari Tripod!
*We are happy to announce that after the poll on our social media group, Dark Blue will be our third color for the Vixari Tripod!


  • The Viraxi case is made from polycarbonate often used to make shatterproof windows. The case also features a magnetic locker. 
  • Camera head and legs are made from aluminium alloy known for its winning combination of durability and lightness. 
  • Vixari is dust and scratch resistant, so it can come along on your photo adventures for many years to come.




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