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We're Public Rec. We make technical leisure apparel for men, and we launched on Kickstarter 3 years ago with our All Day Every Day Pant. After 11 months of design and development, we're excited to be back on Kickstarter introducing our newest products, backpacks!

Backpacks tend to fall into two categories: (i) gym and hiking bags that perform well for leisure activity but fall short in formal environments or (ii) "fashion" bags that lack functionality and are too formal for leisure activity.

We developed a backpack that has functionality no matter your activity and style no matter your environment.

A backpack for the working professional.





The Pro Pack was designed as a slimmer, everyday carry. Two inches narrower than the Pro Pack Large, it still has meaningful size and purposeful features. 



The Pro Pack Large was designed for those looking for a little extra room. With an additional two inches in depth and added features like the bottom zipper compartment and luggage sleeve, this backpack is the ideal travel companion.


With multiple compartments and an easy access hanger, the Pro Travel Kit was designed to carry all your toiletry essentials.





Public Rec makes technical leisure apparel for men. We launched almost three years ago on Kickstarter with our staple product, the All Day Every Day Pant. We were blown away by the support for our first Kickstarter which sold 2,000 pairs of pants and raised almost $180,000. We’ve since released 6 additional garments on our website.

Similar to our apparel, we think there is a gap in the backpack market for stylish and functional bags that you can carry for work, travel, and working out. We’ve spent the last 11 months developing two backpacks and a dopp kit, and we’re thrilled to be back on Kickstarter releasing our new product line.



To build a backpack and travel kit that were both stylish and functional, we started from scratch. We researched the bag market thoroughly, studying the shapes, sizes, and functionality of a number of bags.

We partnered with a designer who has years of experience building bags for a billion dollar brand. After each prototype, we’d wear test, gather feedback and iterate.

Our first focus was on the shape. We wanted something functional, yet sleek. After many iterations trying a front flap, we decided it wasn’t executing and the bag wasn’t holding its shape. We then tried our current design, two U-zipper compartments.

In tandem with developing the shape, we went through many different fabric options in search of something that was functional, yet stylish enough for the workplace. We were excited to find a water resistant poly twill fabric that we think perfectly complements the use cases for our bags.

After finalizing the shape and fabric, we moved our focus to ensuring all the pockets and compartments were just right. Equally important, we sourced high-end waterproof zippers, polyurethane trim, and liner and mesh fabrics.

After 11 months and 6 rounds of prototypes, we’re excited to bring you the Pro Pack, Pro Pack Large, and Pro Travel Kit.

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